Ebony Mine

LC Korea description: The jewel of the treasure was found at the [Juno mine] rumors had been around a stimulus to the outrageously become something of a monster. They know and seuteureyi egeseodo comforting feel of darkness and depravity. Mining of various minerals in the coal mine own name, but now such a violent occupation by the trolls and the trolls are out this is a den of monsters.Still inside of it is still worth of a mineral, but mine does not work and by the threat of monster, and sometimes at the request of a brave adventurer is required to get it back was soryangssik. However, recently I went to the mine did not come back more and more people start to rise, and barely escaped from a terrible monster, they do not know the name of shock and mental illness does not last long and go simgakhaejyeo date of the damage to convene the meeting by the elders of [Juno] flyblown has decided to cleanse mine. For lead, but the reinforcements berserk even been the first coal mine, the suffering of the iris are waiting for a scary thing ...

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