Первый город, встречающий нового игрока в мире игры Last Chaos это Джуно (Juno). Выдержка из описания игры:

Located in the southeast region of Iris is Juno, a beautiful land with a gentle climate. It is controlled by humans and has been their main dwelling place ever since their creation. The Knights have constructed a peaceful city, Randol, far in the southeast, away from the combat zones in the north. Along the northeastern border there is constant conflict with Eres' Titan army, forcing trade with the northern land of Strayana to be discontinued for the time. The last the Randol citizens heard was that human settlement in Strayana, Dark Mist Town, was being torn apart by a strange rain of unknown poisons. It is unclear whether those who lived in Dark Mist Town to the north are still alive.

To the west of Juno and across the sea lies Dratan, the "dry area". Rumors of a new army being built there have spread to Juno and caused the citizens to begin building up their defenses. Be careful, beyond the borders of this quiet land you cannot be sure of what dangers you will find.


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