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Last Chaos Patch Notes March 10th 2009
New Content

For in depth information on the new content please see: http://forums.aeriagames.com/viewtopic.php?t=308569

- Added Party based Extreme Cube System (Red Cube Only)
- Automated Market System "Merchant Mart" will now allow players to sell items without waiting in merchant mode.
- Two New Dungeons : Misty Canyon and Ebony Mines have been added to Merac and Juno Respectively.
- Level 100 - 120 Skills have been added to the game. (There are also level 100+ skill books that can be found on monsters)
- Level cap has been increased to 140
- New monsters have been added
- New armor and weapons have been added to the game level 105 and 117 sets.
- Experience Changes: Level 90 - 100 and 101 - 120 have had the amount of experience needed to level changed. For a full list of those changes please see: http://forums.aeriagames.com/viewtopic.php?t=200421

Bug Fixes

- Monsters will no longer only aggro on a single Player.
- Monster AI has been increased
- Players should now be able to craft items without receiving "production failed" message.

Coming Soon

- Extreme Guild Cube System (Guilds Participate)
- Extreme Cube Rewards System
- Advanced Pet A.I Fixes
- Two New Dungeons
- New Items
- Level 120 - 140 Skills

And More!!
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1 poVetru   (19.03.2009 10:31)
что б еще перевод был - было б вообще суперски!

(взяла словарь, слюнявлю страницы.......перевожу.....) biggrin

2 SashOK   (21.03.2009 12:16)
ссылка - небольшая помощь, чтобы не стереть пальцы на кизло... biggrin

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