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Last Chaos Patch Notes 4/9/2009

New Content
- Guild Cube System has been implemented into the game. Compete against other guilds! This event will be set to start right when the servers come back up! Check it out on the first sub-server! Regular scheduled time is Wednesday 8:00 PM
- New level 120-140 skills
- A new dungeon (130+) the Lime Flow cave has been added in Egeha
- New level 130 armor and weapons have been added to the game.
- Monster Combo has been expanded. New “Golden Box” of Monster combo have been added. These boxes require 100 monster combo accessories to open. There are several different boxes that will give various armor, weapons, skill books and treasures to players.
- Level 140 monster options have been added to monster combo
- Monster combo entrance fee has been raised slightly for higher level entry.

Bug Fixes
Pet Fixes
- A client crash involving switching pets too quickly has been fixed.
- Pet window glitch has been fixed: window should no longer hang transparently in front of players screen, hindering player movement.
- Pet reindeer issue has been fixed. All pets should now be transformed to their original state
- Fixed mount bug with horses that would make players get stuck in place. Players can now remove the mounted pet anytime.

Merchant Mart
- Exploit with Merchant mart has been fixed
- Merchant message should no longer say “users friend list is full” but “registered items for sale is full”

- Fixed a bug with Earthsea/Firewind Evocation causing sorcerers to “walk in place” or become stuck.

Monster Combo
- Fixed a bug dealing with extreme cube menu appearing after completing 20 monster combo stages.

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1 poVetru   (10.04.2009 16:48)
Была уже в новом даже - трогала мобов )))))

2 Dok_Ua   (13.04.2009 11:16)
И как ??? пушистые ?

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